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Hot Spot: Woodside Bar & Grill



A game played on background television as the crowd at the Woodside Bar & Grill bantered back and forth about how their week was going and what they wanted to do on the coming weekend.

It’s that way most nights of the week, which makes the place a good option for people to party or let their hair down.

Woodside Bar & Grill in Johnstown is four years out of a large renovation that aimed to make it a destination nightspot in the city. And, by most measures, it has established itself as a good place to catch a game, drink some craft beers, and dance with friends and other singles.

Sports is the theme of the main building at the restaurant, located at 430 Highland Park Road. A massive television screen is the focus of the wraparound bar inside. Signed jerseys by prominent athletes from the area decorate the walls. Iconic Steelers linebacker Jack Ham and former University of Pittsburgh star LaRod Stephens-Howling are among the athletes whose regalia gives the place a unique feel.

The bar can be difficult to find if you are coming from the Somerset area, as GPS will take you up a back road that is not maintained during the winter. That’s the biggest drawback of going there if you’re coming up from the south and don’t know where you’re going.

Different crowds come in at different nights. During the week, sports fans arrive to catch a game. On the weekend, partiers mingle with other bachelors and bachelorettes.

In terms of alcohol there are 50 different craft beers, an assortment of flavored vodkas and a slew of cordials that can make for interesting cocktails. The food is usual bar food fare, with the wings among its best options.

The patio is available for smokers, and it is used to stage acoustic bands in the summer. The dance hall across the patio doubles as a nightclub for dancing and a banquet hall for private functions.

“It’s a new establishment that creates a Pittsburgh-type vibe that no one else in this town offers,” said Rob Barmoy, owner of Woodside. “We offer something no one else can offer due to size of the building.”