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‘The Only Truth . . .’
10 songs, 29 minutes
GFY Music (2014)

Weapons Of Choice aren’t reinventing the hardcore punk subgenre. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t doing it a whole lot of justice.

Released in 2014, “The Only Truth . . .” packs 10 tight tracks into a blistering 29 minutes. The sound has a certain gritty garage quality, which, if anything, enhances their raw form of music. There’s some over-loud crowd-inciting choruses and plenty opportunities to headbang.

Punkers who love the shoulder-to-shoulder intensity of small clubs and big amps will appreciate Weapons Of Choice, who sound somewhat like The Ramones jamming with Page Hamilton of Helmet.

For a sampling of this Pittsburgh-based group, check out “The Only Truth . . .” on Spotify or ReverbNation.