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The Clock Reads to give Cambria City a funky vibe

Our Town Correspondent

Johnstown’s Hullaballoo Productions, a concert management and production team, has arranged for Pittsburgh-based band The Clock Reads to play at Venue of Merging Arts (VOMA) in Johnstown’s Cambria City neighborhood on March 4.

The five-piece band doesn’t necessarily play one genre; rather, they blend a variety of genres in order to create their signature sound. Listening to The Clock Reads involves listening to a mixture of jazz, funk, rock, soul and “new-age jamtronica.”

The band is comprised of recent University of Pittsburgh graduates Aidan Epstein (keys/vocals), Jason Greenlaw (guitar/vocals), John O’Brien (guitar/vocals), Michael Berger (bass/vocals) and Steve Ippolito (drums/vocals).

Since forming two years ago, the band has played throughout Pittsburgh and has also been invited to perform at local and regional festivals.

“I think our live show is definitely full of improvisation,” Berger said.

The Clock Reads performed in the Johnstown area for the first time last year as part of Hullaballoo Productions’s inaugural “Hullabaloo Boogaloo,” which was held at Windber Recreation Park in May.

“That was awesome,” Berger said of the three-day festival. “It was our first festival-playing experience, so it was totally new for us and we were really excited about it. We were set to play two nights, but on Friday, one of the bands had to bail, so we got to play three sets. I think we got a good response. The people who saw us Friday came to see us on Saturday, and the people who saw us on Saturday came back to see us on Sunday.”

Berger said that he has driven from Pittsburgh to Johnstown in order to attend concerts at VOMA, and is excited to bring his band’s music to the church-turned-arts-venue.

“We’ll be playing two sets, which is basically a staple in the jam band scene that started with The Grateful Dead,” Berger said. “VOMA is a pretty chill environment, and I like that it is really intimate, so it’s going to be a good time, for sure.”

Berger said that he’s excited to reconnect with people in Johnstown, too.

“We got a really good response from people in Johnstown and we’ve actually become friends with a few people from there,” he said. “We’re really excited to get back to Johnstown. We’ve been playing a lot recently, and we’re looking forward to continuing what we have going on.”

Doors for this all-ages, BYOB show are scheduled to open at 7 p.m. Tickets will be available at the door.

VOMA is located at 305 Chestnut St. in Johnstown’s Cambria City neighborhood.

For more information about this show, visit www.thevoma.org or Hullaballoo Productions’ Facebook page. To sample music from The Clock Reads, or to learn more about the band, visit their official website at www.theclockreads.band/music-1/.