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‘A Brooklyn Biography’
Six tracks, 22 minutes
Wake Up Records (2016)

Amy Priya and Stephen Sunshine wonder if their style of music might be characterized as “urbangrass.”

Sub-genre classification remains debatable, there’s one thing that’s clear about this duo: Their music is eccentric and old-timey — an off-color coffee-shop-type experience.

Sunshine Nights beams brightest when the instrumentation takes focus. Solos on song such as “NYScene,” “Bedford Stomp” and “Coney Island” immerse the listener in a tactful mastery of scales.

Priya and Sunshine plan to tour this fall and spring. Sample their songs and check the dates at sunshinenights.com. 



‘Sunshine Nights’
8 tracks, 29 minutes
Wake Up Records (2015)

This week’s original music submission came from Sunshine, a group hailing out of Brooklyn, New York.

I’ve only been to the Big Apple twice myself, and I can’t say I did much cultural immersion. Right or wrong, I still think of Sinatra, smooth brass and old-timey lounge tunes beneath big city lights.

Sunshine captures some of this with “Sunshine Nights,” the sophomore release from Steven Ferrara, Amy Santos and the rest of the seven-piece band.

Santos shines vocally on “I Got Myself A Workin’ Man,” an old Alberta Hunter song with some fantastic horn lines. Ferrara, meanwhile, steals the show at times with his idiosyncratic playing of the lap steel.

Ferrara and Santos originally sent their music to Amped via post office, but the CD had significant heat damage in transit and was unusable. So I listened to the songs at sunshinenights.bandcamp.com, where the first 1,000 people to download the music can do so free of charge.

If Americana that’s equal parts New York and New Orleans sounds appealing, you’ll want to check out the sound of Sunshine.