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‘The Clarity’
9:51 (single)
Southern Lord Recordings (2017)

Unless you were heavy into the stoner-doom scene of the early ‘90s, Sleep means nothing to you musically.

This obscure three-piece act enjoyed a brief cultish fandom at the time for playing slower than just about anyone for longer than just about anyone. “Jerusalem,” released in 1999, includes six eponymous tracks with an average length of eight minutes each — essentially a single 52-minute composition.

So at a hair longer than nine minutes, consider “The Clarity” the band’s experiment with brevity. The band’s droning, Sabbath-meets-Chains, grind-it-out style ages remarkably well: You could have found this song on an old bootlegged tape cassette under your ripped flannels and never blinked.

No metal collection is truly complete without some Sleep in the catalog. See what the buzz is about by sampling on Spotify and then, you know, buy it on vinyl and stuff.