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The Vinyl Review: ‘Sledgehammer’

I saw Peter Gabriel was on the Lithium satellite radio station the other day. I was surprised to see one of his songs included in the 1990s grunge offering.

My only knowledge of Gabriel’s music is “Sledgehammer,” which was a hit decades ago. That wasn’t the song on Lithium. I didn’t recognize, and subsequently forgot, the song’s name.

The point here is that it reminded me of “Sledgehammer,” a song I thought was safely etched into plastic, stashed in my vinyl collection.

After digging through my records, however, it came up missing.

I have a new target the next time I go record hunting. I don’t want an entire Gabriel record, just that one song on a 45. I have a feeling the B-side is going to be marginal at best.

As a result, I ended up listening to Joe Diffie instead.

(Another YouTube suggestion: The video for “Sledgehammer.” Draw your own conclusions.)