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The Vinyl Review: Millennial musings

I have written about the recent record renaissance in past reviews — the renewed interest in needle on plastic. 

It’s a greatly different way to enjoy music than the various digital options available today. It’s somewhat surprising that young people — yes, millennials — are among those buying vinyl. 

But millennials are slowly starting to approach another stage of adulthood. Some of them are in their 30s. The biggest segment of society will soon be having families. They will soon be facing the diseases that plague middle-aged people. They will be fighting time with greater intensity than 20-year-olds. 

Biology and chemistry always win. 

Society tends to treat millennials like a group of people with everlasting youth. They will constantly be on the cutting-edge of technology. Marketers are always trying to find what they want now. 

But perhaps it’s what they will want when they are facing male-pattern baldness and menopause that matters most. What will this large, influential generation want from the world when they have experience and have faced the rigors of the passage of time? 

Maybe they will want records to listen to and a newspaper to read. Maybe they will be the generation that will want to slow down. Will they bemoan the fast-paced lives of their kids and grandkids? 

Older people from different generations seem to always have something in common — regardless of technology — and that’s a want for the world to stop spinning so darn fast. 

Records are always spinning at the same speed. 

(To those born in 1984: Technically millennials [by some metrics] but closer in philosophy to Generation X, these people are in a generational gap. But that’s just a matter of opinion.)