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The Vinyl Review: ‘Magical Mystery Tour’

One of the better albums in my collection is a roughed-up copy of “Magical Mystery Tour.”

I have mentioned it before in AMPED. I think I found it about a year ago in a used record store and only now pulled it out for a second listen.
The Beatles, while not my favorite band, deserve more regular play.

Listening to the music and paging through the mini-book included in the album jacket takes the listener/viewer to another place and time. Strange pictures add to the unique music coming from under the needle.

The jacket adds to the experience, much like one of Alice Cooper’s artistic albums.

I plan to get on the tour bus more frequently.

(A British word seldom heard in songs by American bands, but used at least once by the Beatles: knicker.)


The Vinyl Review: ‘Magical Mystery tour’


I was at a used record store in Somerset over the weekend looking through stacks of old albums when I noticed a gem that was sitting on top of the stack. 

It was “Magical Mystery Tour,” a 1967 album by the Beatles. I have no records by the group in my collection. Finding their albums in good condition is hard. 

This copy is in pretty good shape. At $8 it seemed to be a bargain as well. Some of the pages in the full-color book inside the jacket are loose, but they are all there. 

Most importantly, the vinyl itself is clean. I listened to both sides as soon as I got home. I recognized mostly every song on the album, though side 2, with “Hello, Goodbye,” “Strawberry Fields Forever” and “Penny Lane,” is my favorite. The latter might be my favorite song by the group. 

I have always preferred The Rolling Stones, but this Beatles find was one of the better ones I have had in a while.
(Best use of a Beatles song title in a non-musical sense: During a meeting a Somerset County municipal official once likened scouring through borough records as a “Magical Mystery Tour.”)