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If considering this Magic Hat offering for your New Year’s Eve toast, you may want to look elsewhere instead.

Demo Black I.P.A. is 6-percent ABV and has a rich head that dissipates swiftly. The scent is sharp, almost acidic, but the taste is dominated by dark chocolate malt and a trace of raisin. As for mouthfeel, it’s deceptively light.

This is a beer that can’t decide if it’s an India pale ale, porter or stout. It does several things simultaneously, which is fine, but does none of them particularly well.

If the words “LIMITED ENGAGEMENT” on the label indicates that this won’t be on shelves forever, that won’t be such a shame. There are better brews out there, especially from Magic Hat.



A product of Magic Hat, Winter Mingle states “A PERFORMANCE IN EVERY BOTTLE” on each rear label.

In essence true to its word, this beer’s performance can be described in three acts.

Act No. 1: the scent. Roasted and nutty, with a trace of cocoa.

Act No. 2: the taste. Malty and sweet, evidence of the advertised vanilla.

Act No. 3: the aftertaste. Akin to coffee and bitter, with a commendable sense of finality.

Winter Mingle is solid. Stout aficionados may not be entirely satisfied, but it’s not the worst thing to find under your tree.