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‘The Direction of Last Things’
Seven songs, 46 minutes
Century Media Records (2015)

When it comes to sonic diversity and technical complexity, good luck beating Intronaut.

This progressive California outfit has the nasty-yet-irresistible habit of bringing heavy metal and jazz fusion together in mind-bending ways — and on “The Direction of Last Things” the group continues in this, well, direction. Songs such as “Fast Worms,” “Digital Gerrymandering” and “Sul Ponticello” are exemplary of a style virtually unmatched in its polyrhymic and harmonic excellence.

If Between the Buried and Me, Tool and Opeth are already in your catalog, consider adding Intronaut. They temper harsh disonance with phenomenal melody and unpredictable hooks. The result is ecstactic. 

Tasty samples can be found at https://intronautofficial.com.