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‘The Boy Who Died Wolf’
11 songs, 45 minutes
300 Entertainment (2016)

This was a band with a whole lot to live up to. 

Highly Suspect’s major debut, “Mister Asylum,” included Grammy-nominated “Lydia,” a song that dominated the airwaves last year like perhaps no other in rock. Enter just one year later “The Boy Who Died Wolf,” where fans find a sound slightly more nuanced and reserved, dosed heavily with a classic blues infusion.

Topics on the album range from the deeply personal (”My Name Is Human” and “Serotonia”) to the fiercely political (”Viper Strike”). All throughout they maintain the grungy feel and intoxicating potency not heard since Cobain left us in ‘94.

Maybe this one won’t have the same transcendent appeal of “Mister Asylum.” Bottom line: Highly Suspect is still among the best and freshest power trios in contemporary rock — period.