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13 songs, 64 minutes
Independent Artist (2016)

If you frequent venues such as The Castle Pub in Ebensburg, Slammin Sam’s in Moxham or The Alley near Central City, you may already know about these guys.

Based out of Nanty Glo, One Adam 12 is making sure that original rock ‘n’ roll remains alive and well on the local circuit. The group infuses radio and horror-movie samples into their punk-styled songs in a way that’s reminiscent of some of groups prominent in the 1990s. There are also similarities to Coliseum, a Kentucky-based trio whose 2013 release delivered, quite frankly, some of the genre’s best tracks since the dawn of the new millennium.

“Earworm” represents a comprehensive and ambitious effort by this group. In an age where many bands are tossing out two- or four-song EPs like candy from a Halloween float, these guys have penned a full-length with panache.

To hear what’s happening in Blacklick Valley, look them up on Spotify — or check listings at any of the venues mentioned in the lede for a live experience.