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Chiz Rider returning to Johnstown for performance

Our Town Correspondent

Professional trumpeter Charles “Chiz” Rider is to perform at Memorial Baptist Church on Jan. 14 beginning at 6 p.m.

The touring and recording artist is a first-class professional American trumpeter: He plays contemporary and traditional Christian music and has opened for Christian artists such as Carman, Margaret Becker, DC Talk and Skillet. Myrrh Records signed Rider after hearing his pop-jazz style, making him the youngest artist to be signed to Myrrh Records since Amy Grant.

Rider performs approximately 250 concerts annually throughout the United States and abroad. He has even shared his talents with former President George W. Bush.

“Chiz Rider has performed several times in Johnstown,” said Micah Mood, a local recording artist and concert promoter. “I’m not sure about other venues, but I know he has performed several times at Memorial Baptist Church, and we’re happy to have him back. Chiz is an entertaining performer, and his performances cover a variety of styles and moods.”

Mood said Memorial Baptist Church will serve as a suitable venue for Rider’s concert.

“The church building is a great structure. It was built in 1925 when two congregations, Welsh Baptist and English Baptist, merged,” Mood said. “The sanctuary has very nice acoustics. I’ve actually recorded some music there for past projects and have always enjoyed the sound in the sanctuary. If you’ve noticed Memorial Baptist from the Inclined Plane, this free concert is a great opportunity to check it out. If you’re a fan of great music, this is a great opportunity to hear a great performance here in town.”

Memorial Baptist Church is located at 210 Vine St. in Johnstown, near the foot of the Inclined Plane. Rider’s performance is free of charge, but donations will be accepted. All donations will benefit Rider and his ministry.

For more information about this performance, call Memorial Baptist Church at 814-535-1859. Rider’s official website is www.chizrider.com.

Photo courtesy of chizrider.com
Photo courtesy of chizrider.com