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Three of Hearts unites well-known area musicians

Three of Hearts is one of the region’s newest bands, but the men behind the instruments have a long history of musical accomplishments. Three of Hearts is Duaine Detrick (bass guitar, vocals), John Shimko (drums, keyboards, vocals) and Steve Budesky (guitar and vocals). They formed this March.

Over the past 44 years, Detrick has been playing in bands such as The Conniptions, Lickety Split, The Alternative and Stun*Daze, among others. Detrick, who is responsible for bringing to fruition a number of festivals throughout the region (Portage Area Summerfest and Richland Community Days among them), has also been known to help other bands as a fill-in.

Detrick said that The Conniptions played together for audiences big and small over the past 12 years, but amicably decided that it was time to pursue other projects.

“We dissolved the band,” Detrick said. “Everybody just decided to do something new.”

For Detrick, “new” meant Three of Hearts. When it came to finding a guitarist for the band, Detrick knew who exactly who to call.

“John Shimko and I have known each other for over 25 years and performed shows as fill-in musicians for some bands,” Detrick said.

“We always enjoyed playing music together and decided we could have a good band if we joined forces.”

Shimko, of Indiana, has previously performed with a variety of bands, most recently The Top Cats and Buddy Dee and The Hitmen. In Three of Hearts, the multi-instrumentalist plays drums, keyboards and sings — all at the same time.

“Nobody else does that,” Detrick said. “John is a well-respected and very talented musician and singer and he brings a vast amount of musical knowledge to the group. I am really glad he is a member of Three Of Hearts.”

The “third of hearts” is Budesky, whose impressive career involved serving as a recording and touring player for Neil Diamond — a job that he kept for six years. Budesky started his career by playing with the house band at Greensburg’s Red Rooster. Eventually he moved to New York City to pursue music, signing on to perform and record with a number of national acts such as Tommy James, The Marcels, The Crystals, Jimmy Beaumont and The Skyliners, Spanky and Our Gang and The Edsels.

“Steve is a highly sought-after, exceptional guitarist and singer,” Detrick said. “We were fortunate that he was available when we were looking for a guitarist/vocalist and he was excited to put together a new project with us.”

Three of Hearts plays dance party music that covers six decades and represents various genres, including oldies, classic rock and soul. The band has tailored their setlist for audiences in that they are focused on playing recognizable, danceable songs.

Detrick said that though they haven’t played many gigs yet, they have already learned more than 60 songs and are generating a buzz around town.

“A lot of people are anxious to hear us, especially because the people I have in the group are really good players,” he said.

“(We) three band members collectively have about 150 years of experience and each of us still enjoy playing music. We look forward to presenting a new band with a polished sound that has three lead singers who harmonize well together. We hope the people like what we do.”

Mr. Treehorn Draws a Lot of Water in This Town

TIRE HILL — Contrary to what some “Dude” may have said, Jackie Treehorn does not treat objects like women.

At least not this Jackie Treehorn. The Jackie Treehorn that’s drawn wall-to-wall crowds to Dively’s Tavern in Roxbury by executing front-to-back covers of legendary rock ‘n’ roll albums including Pink Floyd’s “The Dark Side of the Moon” and the Beatles’ “Abbey Road.”

According to Glenn Henry — who adopted the Treehorn moniker in December to describe his ever-evolving lineup of amorphous tribute music — the name was of course inspired by the eponymous character in “The Big Lebowski,” the Coen brothers’ cult classic about a sleuthing pothead bowler. He says the reference was one that he knew many counter-culture classic rockers would instantly recognize. Continue reading Mr. Treehorn Draws a Lot of Water in This Town