The Vinyl Review: Bob Marley

Winter Storm Stella hit the region like a sickness.

Common symptoms of Stellitis: The blues, anxiety, grouchiness and depression. There is no medical cure.

There is, however, musical treatment. I pulled my copy of “Bob Marley’s Greatest Hits” and threw it under the needle. The music instantly put me in Jamaica, at least for a little while, as the snow fell outside.

Music has the ability to impact more than just the auditory sense. Some people see different colors in response to certain sounds.

We only use a small percentage of our brains. I bet musical stimulation is one key to unlocking a deeper experience.

Mozart seemed pretty smart.

Even at 10 percent, the rest of us can get the most out of our vinyl collections to get us through the tough times, including annoying late-season storms.

No prescription needed.

(For instant relief from the winter blues: “Summer in the City” by The Lovin’ Spoonful.)