‘Norwegian Summers’
11 songs, 46 minutes
Melantopia Music (2016)

A lot of the music featured in this spot comes by request from area musicians hoping to spread the word.

Sometimes, however, a solicitation comes from outside the region. And, in the case of Melantopia, it comes all the way from Europe.

“Norwegian Summers” is an instrumental composition by Jarl Aanestad of Norway. The style is electronic and ambient, at times eerily similar to music on “The Fragile,” as if Aanestad stole some B-sides from Trent Reznor’s basement. (That’s not a knock on Melantopia — “The Fragile” was among the best records produced anywhere in 1999.)

In spite of its name, the music on “Norwegian Summers” is actually a nice pairing with our dismal winter months in western Pennsylvania. 

Stream this mood music now by searching for Melantopia on Spotify.