‘Caught up in the Gears of Application’
11 songs, 38 minutes
Housecore Records (2016)

All the acumen is there. 

For the non-immersed in heavy metal culture, Superjoint features former members of Crowbar and Pantera, the latter being architect of the indisputably heaviest album ever to debut at Billboard’s No. 1: “Far Beyond Driven.” So what you get is a shepherd’s pie of sludge and punk, drizzled with death metal squeals and less-than-appetizing subject matter.

The songs most sample-worthy on this effort include the title track, “Ruin You” and “Receiving No Answer to the Knock.”

With three full-lengths under their belt, these guys still have yet to pen their metal masterpiece. But with this recent display of discordant aggression and raw vehemence, these middle-age thrashers show no sign of mellowly aging with grace. 

Amen to that.