The Vinyl Review: ‘The Best of Merle Haggard’

If I could have given the Donald Trump campaign one piece of advice, it would have been to play Merle Haggard during and after his rallies instead of The Rolling Stones.

Let’s continue this review with the understanding that it is politically neutral — not taking any sides here. This is just an honest observation based on an in-depth listen to “The Best of Merle Haggard.”

Songs such as “Okie From Muskogee,” “Workin’ Man Blues” and “The Fightin’ Side Of Me” seem much better representations of the president-elect’s message than the Stones’ “You Can’t Always Get What You Want.”

“Fightin’ Side” is a song about defending the country against critics. The message in “Workin’ Man Blues” is self-evident. And working men and women are a group of people Trump vowed to defend.

This suggestion for campaign background music is far too late and, as they say, hindsight is 20/20.

(Politically correct revisions to Haggard hits: Change “We don’t smoke marijuana in Muskogee” to “We smoke Marijuana in Muskogee, but only for medicinal and recreational purposes”; Replace “Man” in song title “Workin’ Man Blues” with “Human.”; Change song title and lyrics of “Fightin’ Side Of Me” to “The Slightly Agitated But Willing To Compromise Side of Me.” )