When you drink at least one new beer a week, you can become a little numb and tough to surprise. But Kellerbier is certainly a standout in many ways.

Though unfiltered, this lager is only slightly cloudy. It pours blond and has barely perceptible carbonation. The scent is citrusy, which belies its hop-forward flavor — a flavor that also includes a full complement of floral hops.

Kellerbier has a 5.5-ABV, and a spice and a pungecy that fades swiftly on the tongue. This gives the beer a crisp and clean feel that adds to its overall drinkability. And that makes this the second solid Saranac beer sampled in the past few weeks. 

If you haven’t tried anything from this brewer yet, you might want to give them a try. They seem to keep things fresh and interesting.