‘Odd Man Out’
10 songs, 19 minutes
Self-released (2016)

We last visited Weapons of Choice with their 2014 release “The Only Truth . . .” The year 2016 finds these guys even faster, heavier and more hook-heavy than before.

On “Odd Man Out,” this band carries the irreverent flag of angst-punk garage rock and burns it to the ground in less than 20 minutes. The break-neck speed is not only fitting for the genre, but necessary to keep things from becoming redundant.

Not that it’s not all power-chord riffing and shouting on this one. “On The Couch,” in fact, even includes a refreshing little solo.

If you didn’t check out the music of these Pittsburgh punkers after our last review, go ahead and do that now. You can hear it at weaponsofchoice1.bandcamp.com or on Spotify.