Castle Pub in Ebensburg a hit with working-class crowd

Photo by Cody McDevitt. The bar inside the Castle Pub in Ebensburg.
Photo by Cody McDevitt.
The bar inside the Castle Pub in Ebensburg.


A blue-collar feel prevails at Castle Pub during the day. 

It’s the group of people who speak plainly and to the point. 

And it’s a nice change of pace for those who are accustomed to the more swank places. 

“There’s not a lot of pubs in Ebensburg,” Manager Mark Bennett said. “It’s different. We’re trying to do more with the food. And the castle theme is unique. Not a lot of bars (are) like it.” 

Castle Pub, at 122 North Center St. in the county seat, is a smoking establishment that features 11 drafts on tap and a number of macros and craft beers in bottle form. The food is typical bar food, with the highlights being wings and the stromboli. 

Though the bar is associated with the tougher men out there, it also offers musical entertainment for the kids who want to hear a good band or deejay.
“We do what we can to accommodate everyone,” Bennett said.

Downstairs is a non-smoking bar that employees and drinkers refer to as “the dungeon.” And there’s a dancing room upstairs for people who want to boogie. 

The restaurant recently transitioned into new ownership. Gene Hagens took over the business in June of last year. The customers kept coming with the change of leadership.

Brian Ponch, 54, has been a longtime frequenter of the establishment. And he plans on continuing to be. 

“I think they’ve done a good job with this place,” Ponch said. 

“It’s a nice place to come after work. I enjoy the blue-collar crowd that comes in when I’m here.”