‘Glory Junkies’
10 songs, 35 minutes
Self-released (2015)

With a show coming up in August at Listie’s Wells Creek Station, it was as good a time as any to look at the latest release from Boston’s Danielle Miraglia.

Showing a combination of singer’s spunk and swagger, Miraglia may remind you a little of Reba or Bonnie Raitt. And in “Glory Junkies” she shows she’s got a bit of an ax to grind, eviscerating adherents of our narcissistic, Facebook-obsessed culture with her honky-tonk band providing the soundtrack.

Funny and bittersweet “Heat of the Win” recalls her father’s frustration with his beloved BoSox, and Bill Buckner in particular. And “Pigeons” is an up-front, achingly honest look at the artist’s inner workings. Both songs are all acoustic, and the best overall on the album.

While there’s nothing wrong with her full-band ensemble, Miraglia’s at her strongest when she’s alone with her six-string.