Stage Hands

6 songs, 26 minutes
My Idea of Fun (2015)

Off-kilter yet oddly danceable, Stage Hands are a unique listening experience.

Johnstown artist Brandon Locher worked with longtime friend and drummer Gerald Mattis to create this LP, which is pure avant-garde exploration. The result is highly polished and sonically sublime.

A lot of heavily instrumental music seems lapses into lulls of sleepy over-saturation. But Stage Hands is constantly in motion: “world music” fused with a seemingly endless string of loops and layers, bells and whistles — an electronic epiphany. 

The group will play its album release show at The Ballroom in Pittsburgh on Feb. 10. 

And even if you aren’t attending, you’ll want to check out the release. I’ll settle for calling it “indescribable” — and mean that in the best possible sense.