If the word “brutal” sounds like an insult, you probably aren’t a heavy metal fan.

That being said, Psymatica’s “Envisage” is brutal. And that’s a high compliment. Written and recorded by one-man metal machine Stevil Graham, this CD is down-tuned, raw-throated excellence. The former frontman of now-defunct Scathe combines aggressive drumming, chugging riffs and powerful vocals to deliver an undeniably focused record.

Graham’s proficiency with all things metal — from technical fills to interesting polyrhythmns to the audio quality itself — is uncanny. But also worth noting is the way the Johnstown resident seamlessly infuses sounds not traditionally associated with the genre. The second half of “Emergentcy,” for example, ascends from metal mayhem into proggy instrumental ambiance without a hitch.

Not everybody will appreciate this kind of “extreme” music — in the same way not everybody appreciates cage fighting or advanced calculus. That makes it no less impressive.

Brutal stuff.

12 songs, 58 minutes
Psymatica Music, 2013