Jarekus Singleton

Jarekus Singleton – Refuse To Lose

When you think of the blues, the image of a shabby down-and-out type drowning sorrows on a shack’s front porch may come to mind.

Jarekus Singleton apparently wants no part of that stereotype.

The Mississippi-born collegiate basketball star gives us a fresh spin on the genre with his optimism-infused blues sound. His guitar playing calls to mind not only the classics, but also contemporary greats such as Warren Haynes and Gary Clark Jr.

As advertised by the title, “Refuse to Lose” is remarkably upbeat for a blues record. Jarekus recalls hardships overcome and battles won.

Still, the best song might be the laugh-out-loud funny “Blame Game,” in which Jarekus bemoans a “jerk” boss who won’t let him text, Tweet or even sleep on the job.

“Blame Game” is Jarekus at his best — classic and contemporary at once.

‘Refuse to Lose’
12 songs, 53 minutes
Alligator Records & Artist Management